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Orakei Basin, Auckland, New Zealand

Daniel Marshall Architects

Project Year: 2011

Sited on the edge of the ancient crater that embraces Orakei Basin with extravagant viewsto inner Waitamata harbour and Auckland city.

The brief was very specific, with garaging a number of classic cars a primary concern.

Design response was to wrap the garaging around a central 'pergatoria' - a term coined by the italian architect Terragni for an entry courtyard. The garage doors detailed to disappear into the adjoining cedar exterior. This area also incorporates the entry, conceived as a three level atrium that entices the visitor up to the living level and to the eventual revelation of the views of the Auckland landscape beyond. The curved edge of the infinity pool echoes the form of Orakei basin and draws the sea view closer to the house.

The aesthetic and detailing of the house is intended to be quietly sophisticated using a limited palette of materials.